Acas publishes useful guide on managing people

acas-guide-on-managing-peopleResearch has shown that the first tier of line management (front line managers, supervisors and team leaders) have the greatest influence on staff performance and engagement in their organisation. Managers therefore need to understand what their role involves and how to approach managing staff.

The guide provides useful and clear advice on understanding the role of a manager; leading and communicating; handling day-to-day tasks (such as setting goals, prioritising and delegating); handling less frequent and/or longer term tasks (such as performance management, handling a resignation, or managing discipline and grievance issues); and on the importance of support and personal development as a manager. The guide is essential reading for any existing or prospective manager.

Acas also offers a free online learning course on Managing People which can be accessed through their website.

Key points highlighted by Acas include:

  • New and future managers should be provided with training to prepare them for the responsibilities they are likely to have.
  • It is important that a manager understands exactly what is expected of them.
  • Managers have a duty of care to their staff and must take all reasonable steps to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of their team members.
  • A manager should ensure that their team members receive all of their employment and contractual rights.
  • A manager should have frequent, open and honest discussions with their team members about work and performance.
  • A manager needs to be able to keep their staff motivated and engaged.

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