New Acas guide on employing younger workers

young-man-845532_1280HMK Legal reported last year on guidance from Acas to make businesses aware of the special rules and protections that apply when employing young workers (i.e. workers under 18).

Acas has now followed this up with a comprehensive 26 page guide on employing younger workers. For the purposes of the guide a younger worker is someone, typically up to the age of 24, who is entering employment for the first time or is entering their chosen profession or career for the first time. Younger workers may require additional support and a more flexible management approach at the start of their employment to help them make the transition from full time education to employment.

The guide goes through the steps an employer, line manager or anyone in a supporting role should consider when employing a younger worker and covers 5 main areas:

  • Recruiting a younger worker
  • The rights of a younger worker
  • Supporting a younger worker
  • Retaining younger workers.

The guide contains a lot of practical advice including how to provide an effective induction for a younger worker, making a younger worker aware of their responsibilities, and how to line manage a younger worker.

If you need advice on the legal aspects of employing younger workers, please contact Helen Kay on or .

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