Parental leave for grandparents?

Parental leave (not to be confused with Shared Parental Leave, which came into force in April this year) is up to 18 weeks unpaid leave which can be taken up until a child’s 18th birthday. A maximum of 4 weeks leave per child can be taken in any one year and the purpose of the leave should be for the purpose of caring for a child. This leave is currently only available to parents or those with parental responsibility.

David Cameron has said that he is happy to look at proposals for what has been coined “granny leave”, which would enable working grandparents to get up to 18 weeks of unpaid parental leave. Working parents increasingly rely on grandparents to help out, but increasingly grandparents are not retired, but also working themselves.

grandma-736004_1280If this proposal becomes law, it will be interesting to see if there is much take up by grandparents. The current system of parental leave is little used by parents, presumably mainly because the leave is unpaid.

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